The live program of YCBS on 88vier about Paris, Lublin and Cologne in German, English, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian and French. Paris – known as the city of love, changed for one week into the center of climate issues due to the UN conference. Young people from Germany, Italy and France gathered and discussed carbon dioxide emissions and how it influences the environment.

In Lublin, Eastern Poland,you can find at least 5 universities and students from all over the world. Yet, the biggest communities are either Ukrainian or Belarusian due to the location of Lublin that is situated only 100 kilometers from Ukrainian and Belarusian borders.

Cologne, Germany, is not only known as a „capital city of media“- the WDR Haus (West-German-Radio-Cologne) was a birthplace of the first studio for electro music in Europe. The Berlin radio group of YCBS visited the WDR Haus in order to learn more about production of radio features and radio dramas.

WDR Cologne

WSPA University Lublin

UN Conference on Climate change Paris, 2015

Moderated by Katharina Sergeeva and Kacie Kappelmayer

Authors Students from Lublin

Interviews and recordings by Kalina Drenska and students from Berlin-Wedding

Editor Mila Zaharieva-Schmolke