A Lebanese theater project and the documentary 12 Angry Lebanese

Sheherazade tells authentic and interesting stories which every day are unexpectedly enriched with new contents and meanings. Yet, there are a lot of Lebanese women who could tell a similar one. A story about dramatic experience of living among conflicts and unrest, a story about nightmare that turned into reality. 14 of them, imprisoned in Baadba-Lebanon, decided to break the silence and to take part in a staging of a play which is a metaphorical adaption of their own life dramas.

English, Arabian, German

The play titled „Sheheazade“ was directed by Zeina Deccache – a famous Lebanese who was also an initiator of the project. Zeina is a world citizen – she lives in Canada, Lebanon and in the USA where she specialized in the field Drama Therapy. Zeina attempts to draw people’s attention to problems of persons excluded or banished from the society or homeland. 

In 2008, the 30-year-old playwright founded Catharsis – a Lebanese center of drama therapy and she also produced a movie „12 angry Lebanese“ which was inspired by her visits in a Lebanese prison for men, where more than 4000 people are detained.

Students from Herbert-Hoover-School talked to her.

Lebanese center for Drama Therapy