The Caribbean Blueness – the blue sea of the blue liquor

In Westpunt, the North-West corner of the island Curacao, surrounded by coconut palms and cactus trees you can enjoy the incredible Caribbean sunsets and sunrises. You can observe iguanas hunting or gather on rocks to catch some sun. Curacao means in “Heart” and it derives from the Spanish word Corazon.

It is one of the A, B, C Antilles islands and is located very closely to Venezuela – just 60 km away from its coast.

The first impression is that the Spanish influence left deep marks on the Curacao that are visible in the architecture – the small houses and hasiendas that are mostly yellow, red, blue, pink or green. In the 15th century Curacao was invaded by Spain, then by the Netherlands, England and in the end it fell again under the Dutch rule.

Yet, Curacao is a lot more than a diving paradise with white beaches and picturesque rocks, it was in the past an important point for slave trade.  Probably, everybody has heard about the blue liquor produced from small bitter oranges – Curacao that was also invented on the island.

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Moderated by Alexander Schmolke

Editor Mila Zaharieva-Schmolke